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Re: concrete on standing water

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The correct answer is, "Provide approval from a licensed geotechnical engineer insured to the value of the property."    Remember that a 2' wide x 1' strip footing with three #4s will span 6' on a good day, and that factors of safety for bearing tend to be in the 2.5 to 3.0 range.  Those two combined mean that his discretions in the past may not have caused enough damage quick enough (within the statute of repose, 10 or 12 years in VA, shorter in some other states)  to result in a lawsuit which he has lost.  If the job is big enough to have a geotech, get them to certify the subgrade. If not, require one, and state so in writing. This is a good place for you to CYA.

Eli Grassley wrote:

Can anyone comment on the appropriateness of placing concrete on saturated soil?  I have a contractor that is asking if he can pour his strip footings thru some 1” standing puddles.  Said he has done it plenty of times in the past…




Eli S. Grassley, PE



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