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RE: Bar Stools on the move

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Perhaps this is a silly question, but why would the stools have to be
attached at all?  Why couldn't they be free standing?

Sharlie Huffman, P.Eng.

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You could also fix the stools to the bar itself. Such a connection could
also act as a footrail local to the stool.

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Subject: Bar Stools on the move
Hello all another question:
The hotel building has a 12' thk PT slab.  They want install bar  stools for

a new bar area.
The owner is paranoid about his slab and will not allow drilled in bolts.  
The owner wants to put steel plate on the floor and attach the stools to the

plate. Glue the plate to the slab only.
This is for 45 bar stools all in a row. 
I suppose you could use 1' plate and make it wide enough so the patron
not fall over due to you occasional bar room brawl.  
I upset my architect client why I told him to find another engineer, but I  
told him I would look into it. 
Have any of you ever done such a thing as this.
Joe  Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA

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