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RE: Bar Stools on the move

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"Perhaps this is a silly question, but why would the stools have to be
attached at all?  Why couldn't they be free standing?"

To make an even sillier answer, likely because the owner wants them
attached.  There must have been a series of occurrences where bar stools
have been picked up and launched for one reason or another.  Or maybe the
staff has the tendency to remove them without telling.  Either way, I think
the answer you are going to get is "because the owner wants them fastened."

That being said, let's look at the question.  You could still "glue" the
base plate to the floor slab and design the base plate for an overturning
load.  For giant machinery we design jack stands for, we look at an
overturning force of 15% of the vertical load.  You could also apply the CFR
or IBC handrail standard of 200# lateral load, which I think would be more
applicable.  That would help in the design of the base plate as well as
determining the necessary bond strength of the adhesive.  Then, I would
follow this up with a letter to the owner that this is unconventional
construction and quality assurance needs to be followed on his part.
Include in that letter that the bar stools should be periodically checked
for any perimant deformation and/or cracking in the parent metal as well as
any unbonding of the adhesive for the base plates.

If that's asking too much, try and build them into the bar structure.  This
option could actually look rather cool and give the bar a futuristic yet
acceptable look to it.  These could be neat.  Good luck.

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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