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Re: Design of Glass as a Walking Surface

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On Sep 28, 2005, at 8:32 AM, Paul Ransom wrote:

There is a glass floor in a portion of the lower pod in the CN Tower in
Toronto. The glass and steel are probably thicker than the concrete
floor. To me, it looks like it would hold elephants.

People won't walk on it. I suppose that it might have something to do
with the visible 1000 ft drop.
That's an interesting reaction, but not uncommon, I bet. There's a sort of museum in Wisconsin called 'House on the Rock.' It really started out as a custom-built home for an eccentric, with access to a lot of money and a strange architectural taste. One section of the house is called 'The Infinity Room' <> which is a tapered space maybe 200 feet long and starting out 10 feet deep and 15 or 20 feet wide. It's cantilevered out over a steep hillside from the main house and supported at maybe half span, off a natural rock spire. It's enclosed, but opposite walls are glass. When I saw it, the engineer in me said, 'Proportioned right, statically redundant, sound trusswork carrying shear between webs, Mc/I and all that.' But my guts were screaming, 'Run away! Run away!' An unprofessional reaction but very powerful.

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