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Diagonal Studs

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Dear Yi:
Why would a person want to have diagonal studs?
Would it be to make it easire to attach vertical siding?  This may be a plus.
Is there a desire to use it as part of the structural system?  This approach would appear to be fruitless. 
    1.  Longer studs, could mean larger studs.  Or plate height less than 8'-0"?
    2.  Seismic and wind resistance would not be enhanced.  There are no 'tested' assemblies  matching this system that I am aware of.   What shear wall deflections would you expect (calculate)?
Electrical and plumbing would be adversely effected in trying to notch and bore holes through studs.   Running sewer and vent piping on an angle would be a challenge.
What is jerry rigged for window openings, trimmer studs, etc.?
I'm curious to see if the benefits outweigh the challenges.
With Joy and Hope,
Bob Freeman, Architect
Structural designer
Integrated Design Services, Inc.
(949) 387-8500 x115