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Re: Counterfort Retaining Walls

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The issue is not that the moments in both the directions are equal, but by how much the absolute moment has reduced.
for spacing=0.75h, the cantilever moment gets reduced to (wh^3)/40 as compared to (wh^3)/6 in case of a free cantilever wall
Pankaj Gupta
Structures Online
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Subject: RE: Counterfort Retaining Walls

For what it's worth, for a plate subject to hydrostatic loading, free at the top and fixed on the sides and base, the maximum moments in both directions will be about equal when the width of the plate is about 0.7H.  This is not necessarily an optimum counterfort spacing, because it doesn't consider the increasing cost of counterforts as the spacing is reduced. The load has to be carried somehow, and counterforts aren't cheap.

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Bowles recommends counterfort spacing of 0.3 to 0.6H; H should be between 20 an 25 feet for the wall to be economical. 
Winterkorn & Fang recommend counterfort spacing of 0.33 to 0.5H.
Steve Gordin SE
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Subject: Counterfort Retaining Walls

Is there a general rule of thumb for the length and spacing of counterforts
on a counterfort retaining walls?

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