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It wouldn't surprise me if these guys were folding up shop and fleeing the
country or something.  Several of Enercalc's design modules are questionable
at best, despite being on v5.8.  And their service is non-existent.  Yet is
seems like they are the only software product in their niche that is widely
used.  Unfortunately it is damn useful.  But why can't they put out a
reliable product, or why hasn't someone else jumped at the opportunity to
steal their market share.  It seems like all the respectable engineering
software companies only focus on complex FEA products.  That's a mistake on
their part I think.


~~ Eli Grassley


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Does anyone know what happened to ENERCALC? I've gone to the web site and I
can't get any information about updates or revisions past the 5.6.1 patch
(Oct. 26, 2002). I thought they were going to put out a 5.8 version in Fall
of 2003 and  a SEL Version 6 later on but I can't find any info on this.
I've sent email to support(--nospam--at) but I get no response. What gives?



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