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Dear Mr. Grassley:

I take exception to your comment….

"It wouldn't surprise me if these guys were folding up shop and fleeing the
country or something.  Several of Enercalc's design modules are questionable
at best, despite being on v5.8.  And their service is non-existent."

We are flourishing with a very large user base. We are quite busy between intense product development and assisting so many new users.

The last question from your firm regarding a calculation was three years ago. If you seriously have questions on any of our calculation module please contact us directly rather than saying such things in a public forum.

I will acknowledge that we are behind responding to requests that require detailed investigations because of development of the next major release.

I would appreciate it if you can contact me directly with the issues that foster your prior comments.


Michael D. Brooks, S.E., P.E.