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I am actually quite happy with what Eli stated.
He is a practicing engineer.  These are comments
that show his evaluation of the software.
However, for a company representative to
be reflect grievance for what an engineer finds
in the software, is somewhat unprofessional.
That is the consumers job to tell it like he finds
it.  Likewise, for others to state their positive
opinions is also plausible.

It is quite nice to know that perhaps there may
be other options like ASDIP, and yes, Mr. Grassley
may have ideas about how to develop products in a
more efficient way.

Between two programs I have used in FEM,
it does make a big difference when you have
someone to directly communicate with you
immediately as opposed to holding people off.
This could be a call to increase staffing, I don't know,
but it is good to have good fast feedback.