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Why are you so "happy" with Mr. Grasley's post?
The fact that an engineer shares with peers concerns about some professional tools is definitely a good thing.  The fact that he actually does not share any concerns, but just generically and, really, quite offensively, badmouths a good product is definitely a bad thing. 
There is a difference between two cases: when an automotive engineer writes that he just doesn't like a certain car, and when he states in writing that the car is unsafe, and its manufacturer may have fled the country to avoid responsibility.  The former is just an opinion and nobody would really care; the latter - unless substantiated - is an irresponsible statement bordering on slander.
If Mr. Grassley knows something about Enercalc that most of us don't, posting this unknown information on this list will be highly appreciated.  Then, may be, everybody will start thinking about switching to some "other option" (AFAIK, whatever is available, does not come close to the effectiveness and breadth of Enercalc).    
I challenge Mr. Grassley to take responsibility, lay out the facts - or to retract his statement.  I think that would really make every professional "happy." 
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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Sent: Friday, September 30, 2005 6:52 AM

I am actually quite happy with what Eli stated.
He is a practicing engineer.  These are comments
that show his evaluation of the software.
However, for a company representative to
be reflect grievance for what an engineer finds
in the software, is somewhat unprofessional.
That is the consumers job to tell it like he finds
it.  Likewise, for others to state their positive
opinions is also plausible.

It is quite nice to know that perhaps there may
be other options like ASDIP, and yes, Mr. Grassley
may have ideas about how to develop products in a
more efficient way.

Between two programs I have used in FEM,
it does make a big difference when you have
someone to directly communicate with you
immediately as opposed to holding people off.
This could be a call to increase staffing, I don't know,
but it is good to have good fast feedback.