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On Sep 30, 2005, at 12:02 PM, S. Gordin wrote:

This statement alludes that Mike Brooks, in spite of his highest structural engineering qualifications, is not being really aware of what is going on in the real professional world.
Nothing of the sort, and I hope that Brooks didn't construe it thus. It's just that I've seen too many instances of developers who aren't aware of what engineering is all about--not that Brooks isn't qualified. I didn't say Brooks wasn't qualified--as I said I don't use ENERCALC and I don't know Brooks. I did say that I found the P.E. after his name encouraging, despite another instance where a P.E. after a developer's name meant nothing. But I'm repeating myself.

I've been using ANSYS for 25 years and COSMOS/M for about 12. Once was that when you called support, you talked with a real person who understood the program and the engineering context. When there was a bug found you got the straight story and a new tape real quick if there wasn't a workaround. Those days are gone forever. Currently I've usually been able to find my own workaround in the time it takes to get a phone call returned. I quit paying support for COSMOS/M years ago when it became evident they couldn't deliver real support. I still use ANSYS and COSMOS and I make a pretty good living at it, but QA is definitely taking a back seat to feature bloat in both packages.

In the FEA business many of the original developers were indeed working engineers, who developed software to handle projects. Over time the marketeers have taken over and chopped away at the technical end, including support and QA. My experience is that software is getting bigger and more bloated, following the Microsoft model of 'ship it and let the users find the bugs.' Vertical market software developers apparently feel that the only way to make their numbers is to force their users to buy new revs. If ENERCALC isn't following that model, I'm glad to know it, but that would currently be the exception rather than the rule. The reason I'm such a die-hard Machead is that Apple is another exception to the rule, and I glory in the exceptions.

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