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corrosion from ocean flooding

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I doubt you will find much on this subject in the form of technical docs or research, because from my perspective there are too many variables:
-What type of exact building construction?
-How high did the water come up, and stay up?
-Was it pure saltwater storm surge or water mixed with fresh water?
-Did it flood again? Humidity? Etc?
Having done a lot of forensic work down here in FL after last year's big three, mold is a huge issue. I looked at houses that looked fine from the outside, and the inside had to be completely gutted because the ridge vent failed and water poured in. Now the drywall, insulation, and wood frame itself is soaked and on its way to being a playground for mold.
It also seems that anything near the coast has a limited life span in terms of metal. Whether it is a metal railing, fasteners, reinforcement in a hotel/condo balcony, it is going to get eaten up by corrosion. WE recently looked at a 20 year old wood frame house on the beach, and the fasteners were completely shot, even though they were behind a soffit and covered. My friend has a place within a couple hundred yards of the ocean and he has to replace his AC compressor that was outside.
I think you are right on with your assessment, in that in time, everything metal in the affected building will have a lessened life span. But I would not know where to begin to throw a number at that.
Best of luck, and if you find any good info please share. I would find that info very useful.
Andrew Kester, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
Lake Mary, FL