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RE: 2x T&G decking

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See Section 2306.3.4 of 2003 IBC for diagonal values (300 plf).  If you want to use the 2x6s horizontally, the ASD Design value is 50 plf (See AWC's 2001 Edition Supplement, Special Design Provisions for wind and seismic).  If the client insists on using 2x6s horizontally, I might suggest using wood structural panels as the diaphragm, and using the 2x6's for architectural purposes.

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From: Eli Grassley [mailto:elig(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: 2x T&G decking

I have a small residential job where the owner wants to use 2x6 T&G floor decking – for looks basically – instead of normal plywood.  I know that the diaphragm shear values for this type of construction is very low, but it can’t be zero.  Does anyone have any references or published values that I could shake a pencil at?  Does the IBC or NDS forbid this kind of a diaphragm in any of their language?

Using plywood at all would basically kill the concept due to costs, so any shear values at all would be helpful.


Thanks for any help



Eli S. Grassley, PE