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RE: LA Times Article - Vulnerable Concrete Buildings

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Perhaps a good place to start would be correcting the misconceptions of
retrofit promoted by Carol Schatz of the Central City Association of LA, This organization is apparently
"known as the Voice of Business in City Hall" in LA, a primary focal
point of the application of advancement in retrofitting due to it's two
major EQs. They should have accurate information about the cost and
impact of retrofitting older RC buildings.

How accurate is her statement? Would the use of FRP reduce the cost

"But Schatz, skeptical that the buildings pose a real risk of collapse,
said that requiring owners to pay for retrofits would be tantamount to
asking them to tear down their property altogether. As of about a year
ago, the cost of retrofitting one building could be as high as $14.4
million - almost as much as starting over. And construction costs -
particularly for the steel that is necessary to reinforce the concrete
pillars - have increased significantly since then."

Catherine A Pagni, MSCE
Redding, CA 

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Subject: RE: LA Times Article - Vulnerable Concrete Buildings

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I would suggest that it is opening a few minds about the earthquake risk
AND requires the parties most knowledgeable about this danger to provide
the convincing arguments to take the discussion beyond the
"sky-is-falling" stage. (Visualize big hand pointing at engineers)


Let's use some strategic planning and pro-actively supply information to
the public on the tails of this interest and help move this argument for
upgrading dangerous buildings forward.


Barry H. Welliver


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