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RE: Civil Engineering T-shirt available

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  That mil-spec actually has been around a lot longer than the current acronym.  We would occasionally spec that when I worked for the Navy in the late '80s.  It seemed to be old even at that time.
  Unfortunately, almost everything today is a double entendre.
Loved the website though.  Hmm... it might be on this year's Christmas suggestion list.  I especially like the blueprint cufflinks.  Now there is something cool and classy at the same time.
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I have been made aware of some “inappropriate duality” in the acronym on the shirt privately (I am on digest mode).  I was very much naive of it (though unfortunately I’m not now).  For those of you that caught it an apology is probably not required, and for those of you who didn’t- it is not worth commenting on farther than it being an awkward mishap of a female engineer in a predominantly male profession.