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Re: Civil Engineering T-shirt available

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Somebody's having a rough week, I think...

I'm just surprised that I've never seen a a Big Johnson Steel Services T-shirt at the beach. Seems they've co-opted everything else, but maybe this would just be too easy.

S. Gordin wrote:
IMO, any professional group that includes engineers like Ms. Gail Kelly is in fact an elite professional group.
As to the origin of this thread - both the t-shirt and the post about it were not in good taste (to say the least).  I cannot imagine any engineer wearing such t-shirt to any event other than fishing or changing oil, and even there - with reservations. I suspect that was exactly what triggered Gail's response...  
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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Subject: Civil Engineering T-shirt available

Congratulations, John.  You've just joined an elite group of about 8000 engineers.  I share in your joy.  :<)

Mike Hemstad


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I've posted to this list off and on for about 7 years or so. Now that I've finally been insulted by Gail I finally feel a part of the group.

To paraphrase Sally Field, She likes me, she really likes me.


John Jones, PE, SE

Board Certified Structural Engineer

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