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Re: common rebar grade

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I've come across several jobs around me where 40 ksi rebar is used.  >From what I hear from the contractors, Gr 40 is coming in a couple of pennies/lb less than the Grade 60 stuff. Seems like false economy, but for residential work I'd guess that 80+% of the reinforcing is just there for looks, since most walls are built as unreinforced per the IRC. 

I always specify Gr 60, but for certain contractors, and when I'm not going to be in the field to check them, I do the calcs for grade 40. 


Christopher wrote:

Is 36ksi Grade 40 deformed concrete reinforcement still commonly available? I seem to remember that 60ksi rebar is becoming more and more common. I’m just wondering if I specify 36ksi rebar will the contractor probably end up with Grade 60 anyway.

Thanks in advance.


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