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Christopher Wright response.acceleration and Seismic Zones - triangle of life

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Dear Chris:
See my response to Dave Evans and furthermore..
Re the American Red Cross 'pretend safety expert' you refer to regarding Turkey and "years of study " baloney.. The truth is that her PHD is not in any relevant field. She has her PHD as a social worker and her background before becoming a 'hype' for FEMA / OFDA was to run a Jewish Community Center, in Los Angles. This provides much fodder for disgust but not as a 'safety expert'.
Over the last 3 days, I did 8 interviews with the Washington Post, regarding ARC money. They contacted me.
I was asked : "What is your gripe with ARC?" I replied: " 2 things. First, they take money away from good charities who truly help people with their 'giant media blitz and media genius' and secondly they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people because of their pretense to be safety experts." has volumes of cases and complaints against the ARC and countless CONVICTIONS for fraud, theft, embezzlement etc...What part of the word CONVICTIONS do you NOT understand?
The Washington Post is going after the missing ARC Billions like they went after Nixon.
Let it be.
doug copp
In a message dated 10/17/2005 2:56:29 P.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, chrisw(--nospam--at) writes:

On Oct 17, 2005, at 11:44 AM, Gale45man wrote:

> From
> "Following Mr. Copp’s tips puts one in greater danger
> from these falling hazards. And in the rare occasions
> that buildings do collapse during an earthquake in the
> United States, survivable voids do not necessarily fit
> the descriptions presented by Mr. Copp.

  I did a Google search on the topic and there are lots more like it.I
got 870 hits. I'd be a little careful recommending Copp's advice.
Here's another take on the 'Triangle of Life' from
<>(Urban legends site)
that pretty much agrees with SEAOC's position.
> Origins:   We can't say that every single point mentioned in the above
> article about earthquake safety by controversial "rescue expert" Doug
> Copp is wrong or bad advice, but there are some pretty substantial
> reasons why readers might want to take the article (particularly its
> advice that everyone who uses the "duck and cover" technique in an
> earthquake ends up crushed to death) with some very large grains of
> salt:
> Disaster preparedness experts with the American Red Cross dispute that
> findings based on earthquake experiences in other countries (e.g.,
> Turkey) are applicable to the U.S., where building codes are
> substantially different.
> The scientific validity of the conclusions expressed in the article
> has been questioned by others.
> Doug Copp's claim that he performed rescue work at the World Trade
> Center (for which he was paid $650,000 in compensation for injuries he
> supposedly sustained there) has been challenged in a series of
> articles published in the Albuquerque Journal which describe him as a
> self-serving opportunist rather than a true rescue expert:
> Self-proclaimed rescue guru Doug Copp's mission to ground zero was
> considered so important that he had clearance to be flown to New York
> even though all civilian air traffic in the United States had been
> grounded. Once there, he says he assumed a pivotal role and sustained
> devastating injuries while wading through the "toxic soup" in search
> of survivors and victims, and was awarded nearly $650,000 for his
> injuries. But there is little evidence Copp performed real rescue
> work, and it is doubtful that he deserves compensation.
> Doug Copp was awarded $649,000, tax free, from the fund set up to
> compensate victims of 9/11. He says it's not enough. But it's doubtful
> he deserves anything. A Journal investigation found little evidence
> that Copp did real rescue work in New York. His forays into the rubble
> were to shoot video, some of which he tried to sell. His claim of
> seeking medical care within the time frame appears false. All typical
> of Copp's years as a self-proclaimed rescue guru.
> Other articles have relayed complaints from numerous people who have
> dealt with Mr. Copp.
Mr. Copp is under investigation by a U.S. Department of Justice fraud

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