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RE: Floor Finish - Garbage Transfer Facility

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The products vary (cheapest to most expensive and least effective to most effective) from chemical hardeners to stone hardeners to metalic hardeners to 3" toppings (such as Anvil Top). The recommendation will vary with the equipment used (vehicles with tracks?) and the frequency. These facilities receive very, very high abuse! I suggest getting info. from both Operators of like facilities and product manufacturers.

Jim K.

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> I was looking at a garbage transfer facility earlier today and noticed pretty significant deterioration of the concrete floor.  The facility manager said he thinks the damage is from chemicals in the garbage, not the equipment being used.  The deterioration appears to be fairly consistent, even near the trench drains.  Since the equipment does not operate near the drains, it seems the manager may be correct..
> With that in mind, can anyone offer a suggestion for a floor hardener and/or treatment for a NEW facility?  It can't be too slick a finish or else the wheeled equipment will not be able to operate very well.
> And while I'm asking, the facilities I've seen all have a steel armor plate on the pushwalls.  Are any other types of material being used on pushwalls?  Perhaps HDPE or something similar?
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