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Geotech info

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I am requesting input from list members who are
familiar with Florida soils.

I am working on a proposal for a project located in
Bartow, Florida. It is, probably, 100 miles south west
of Orlando.

The foundation will support a 24" gas pipeline. I
anticipate that the gravity load on the foundation
will be 2500 pounds. Wind on the pipe will produce a
lateral load of, approximately, 600 pounds. I am
thinking of a simple spread foundation with bottom of
footing located 2.5' below grade, with an assumed
allowable bearing pressure of 2000 psf. Is that
assumption reasonable?

If any of the list members have familiarity with
geotech information at the site, can you, please,
share that information with me? Thanks.

Rajendran, P.E.

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