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Re: Importance Re: Seismic Deflection Criteria for "Penthouses"

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bcainse(--nospam--at) wrote:
Please take the advertising for your services and your organization and your self-aggrandizement to another forum.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Subject: Importance Re: Seismic Deflection Criteria for "Penthouses"

In a message dated 10/26/2005 1:59:41 P.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, gmadden(--nospam--at) writes:
With all due respect, the stuff you are telling us is something every college student in structural engineering would know by junior year, especially one who lives or went to college in California. Bill is a licensed structural engineer in California, not a layperson.
Dear GM:
I am not a structural engineer and do not claim to be one; although, I have lectured to structural engineers on several occasions and in fact directed a group of structural engineers, who were placed in charge of the rescue, at a collapsed skyscraper (that sometimes happens when you have thousands of large structures collapsed). I assure you they were profoundly grateful for my knowledge, guidance and 'work plan'.
I certainly did not want to be insulting as I have been insulted by you , on previous occasions.
If structural engineers (or anyone else) continue to tell people to get under a desk which was designed to support a load of 200 pounds; in order to, survive a building collapsing upon it which has a load of thousands of pounds then I feel obliged to open my mouth and say: " Wrong! Maybe, you better think a minute ."
That is the point. I know from your previous emails that you despise me and consider me to be unworthy of making any reference to structural collapse but I have the personal experience of 650,000 people's deaths because of some VERY BASIC structural engineering matters being disregarded ( That is the number of people who have died at the disasters I have worked.).
You pointed out, after perpetuating slander against me (MY attorney is taking care of that) that people should continue to get under desks. That is dead wrong! (with emphasis on the word dead).
I would, also, like to express my gratitude to some more level headed structural engineers who have actually thanked me for my input.
Do you think that it could have been possible that I might have learned something, about structures, that might be useful or interesting as I have crawled through and under millions of tons of rubble at the WTC and/or any of the other 893 collapsed buildings I have risked my life to crawl into? Consider that OSHA statistically determined that 60% of 'rescuers' die entering their first collapsed building and the next most experienced person, in the entire world has survived 30. The most experienced American has survived  5.
I am poisoned from the World Trade Center. The structure itself did not 'get me' and that was my 894 th.
I consider structural engineers to be a tremendously important and life saving resource; who are sometimes called upon, in times of special crisis, to rise to the occasion, take charge, direct the actions at collapsed structures and save lives.
If the day comes, I can assure you that particular structural engineer will be thanking God for any info he got from me. That info is available at:
doug copp 

Tripp Howard