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CRSI Code (or Manual) of Standard Practice

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I'm looking for information on the standards of practice for marking of
rebar for fabrication and placement.  It seems to me that the fabricator
would want the detailer to itemize all bars on a schedule, including
straight bars.  However, in some bridge abutment shop drawings I'm
reviewing, this isn't the case.  Doesn't this make it very cumbersome
for the fabricator to determine what it is he needs to fabricate?  And
the field crew to differentiate what's on-site and know where to put the
umpty-ump bars that come off the truck and are sitting in the on-site
stock area?  

Perhaps we have someone involved in this who participates in this forum.
Any comments?

Candi Anderson, P.E.
Mercado Consultants, Inc.
17830 New Hampshire Ave.  #200
Ashton, Md 20861
Office: 301-260-0090;  FAX: 301-260-0018

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