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Re: upside down base  plate

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How about providing a tension ring around the perimeter, forming a dome, and eliminating the center post entirely?


In a message dated 11/3/05 8:35:42 AM, pinyonengineering(--nospam--at) writes:
Hi Guys
I live on the list in digest mode
I'm working on a Single family house that is an Octogon.  the design has a 3:12 roof slope with a center pole for support.  I'm working on the top plate on the center pole. A 2ft diameter circle allows for all the wood beams (5.25x 18 parallams) to come together and have 5 inches of bearing.  the center pole sizes to 6" dia std pipe.  so the top plate cantilevers out 8" around and each beam reaction is 3.7kip on to the plate.
I tried designing the top plate as a steel base plate. (AISC design guide # 1as a reference)   came up with 5/8" thick  -- I also used an unstiffened beam seat calc and came up with 1" thick.  seems close but any suggestions on another verfication procedure for the plate thickness?   I think with a thick enough plate gussets won't be needed and would cost less.
Tim Rudolph
Pinyon Engineering
Bishop, CA