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Re: Exam de-briefing

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Yi Yang is right, it is the Board meeting which decides the date   That is
the reason different states publish their results at different times, when
everyone of them is graded by NCEES.  The process is as follows for the CA
special exam and is similar for the CA SE exam too:

October end:  Exam
November:  Board collects all the answer books and grades them (just feeds
to a machine)
December first week:  Standard Setting - Subject matter experts (SME) - a
few licensed engineers retake the test and go through a process to decide
the cut score.  Complaints from the test takers are reviewed for conflicting
Technically, once that is done the number of pass/fail is decided.
January end:  Board meets and approves the number.

If you write to your local congressman, this could be changed.  You would be
surprised how much of this is controlled by the legislature.  I can
understand special seismic exam for CA but special surveying??? (plus post
1982 PEs cannot stamp most of the surveys).  Well looks like some
organization lobbied for the cause and passed it through the CA legislature.
So the Board cannot eliminate the survey exam!!

Probably SEAOC's legislature committee could lobby to have Surveying Exam
removed and make it easier for comity :)

- Aswin
Aswin Rangswamy, P.E.
Los Angeles, California

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It's not because of the time it takes to grade the exam.  The delay in
result is because the board need to decide the cut score in one of their
regularly scheduled meeting, in this case, in their January board meeting.

Y i   Y a n g,   S. E.
Santa Rosa, California

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