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Re: California contract law BORPELS

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I think you hit the nail right on the head!!!
I have a couple of comments to similar situations:
I have filed a complaint with BORPEL in May of this year. Every month or so I receive a l "Dear John" letter  from BORPEL stating that they are understaffed, etc. In the meantime, the (incompetent, I know it's a harsh word, but fits in this case) PE  I reported continues to practice structural engineering. (Luckily for the owner, the contractor questioned the structural drawings, as it turned out, some of the framing members were 100% & 200% OVERTRESSED!!!!!)
Are the partners (owners of the firm) allowed to put "Structural Engineers" after the frims name if only an employee is a licenced SE? Or, are the allowed to put "Structural Engineering" after the firm's name?
Antonio S. Luisoni PE, SE