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Galvanized Steel Iron Cross

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Situation:  Utility attachment being being constructed as part of a bridge
project.  The bridge deck is 8" thick.  The pipe hangers are 1.25" diameter,
but the required tension capacity is only 1500#.  Pipe hanger is galvanized

Problem:  Finding 1.25" diameter galvanized steel cast-in-place concrete

"'ve gone a Google search to check the availability of "iron cross" concrete
inserts in galvanized steel. Anvil International makes the iron crosses in
stainless steel, but I need galvanized steel since the rest of the pipe
hanger components are gavlanized.  Can any list member give me the name of
another iron cross manufacturer?

I've also thought of using a ferrule insert, but the finish is again an
issue.  Apparently the ferrule inserts are typically either plain or
electorplated, so there would be an incompatibility between the galvanized
threads of the rod and the ungalvanized body of the ferrule insert.

If I bite the bullet and change the hanger rods to stainless steel in order
to permit the use of the stainless steel iron cross, is there any dielectric
concerns with having galvanized steel stuts, etc. directly attached to the
stainless steel rods?

David Finley
M. David Finley, P.E., P.A.
2086 SW Main Boulevard - Suite 111
Lake City, FL  32025

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