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RE: ibc adoption

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Actually most of the referenced material standards are available now.

ACI 318-05 and the 2005 MJSC (aka masonry code or ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402
etc) were available this past spring (already have both).  The 2005 NDS
was published this summer sometime I believe if not sooner (also have
that).  The new AISC combined ASD/LRFD spec is available for free on
AISC's website, but will also be in the new 13th edition Steel Manual that
will be available in December.  ASCE 7-05 plus Supplement No. 1 will in
theory be available anytime (i.e. like this week or next).  The only one
that I don't know the full status on is the 2005 AISC Seismic spec, but
someone like Scott Melnick might shed some light on that.


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005, Ben Yousefi wrote:

> The California state agencies such as DSA, OSHPD and the state Fire Marshal are currently working on amendments to the 2006 IBC and related codes. It is anticipated that the local jurisdictions will adopt the new CBC in 2007 or early 2008. The 2006 IBC is essentially based on the 2005 ASCE-7 for loads and the 2005 material standards (AISC, ACI, etc.). All of these documents will be available for purchase soon, and anyone interested in getting familiar with them can either participate in seminars for these codes or read on their own.
> The transition will probably be smooth since there is a lot of timeleft till we adopt the new CBC. The building departments most likely will train their staff well before the adoption. Projects submitted for review after the effective date will have to comply with the new code. However, even for projects submitted before the adoption date, most jurisdiction would allow the designer to design to the new code (after the adoption date), if they chose to do so.
> Ben Yousefi, SE
> Santa Monica
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> i was at the seaoc moment frame seminar in june where the plan checkers present indicated that the code would change to a version of the ibc that was in galley form at the time of the seminar.  at that time it was unclear how the building department would handle the code change and that it was possible that everyone would see the code for the first time on the day it was adopted in the new year.
> does any one have any more information.  when will the new code be adopted and in what form? is it a form  available now for review? will there be a transition period where the new code is phased in but old is still accepted for plan check?
> thank you for any information you can provide
> paul franceschi, s.e.

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