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Re: basement sealant (Scott Haan)

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Xypex  is not really a coating & thus it can't "delaminate". It doesn't sound like you've ever used it.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Hi Scott,
I have been dealing with moisture ingress in below grade areas for over twenty five years both in the states and in Europe.
In my experience it is a relatively simple procedure to stop moisture entering a substrate. However, any system is only as good as the crew carrying out the work and without the correct preparation the job is doomed to failure!
There are several products on the market which work well over the long term. Xypex is a cementisious coating which like a lot of products, without the correct preparation and bonding agent, will delaminate when  subjected to Hydrostatic pressure and ground salts, and like any waterproofing system ground movement is not recommended.
Rotafix make a resin based system which works well on damp surfaces as it is water based and penetrates well into concrete.
I have used their products in the past and have not had a failure since I first used it at Cedars Sinai Medical Center back in 1996 in a parking structure.
they can be reached at
Kind Regards
Simon Batchelor
I was waiting for the info (see below) to respond to your post couple days ago regarding the interior sealant for basement walls.
In my experience, this thing never really works, definitely, not in the long run.  Even in the short run, and even in slabs-on-grade in Southern California, the use of such sealants is ineffective and facilitates mold.
From the physical perspective (IMO), any relatively thin membrane placed on the opposite side of the applied pressure is not likely to be effective.
I would suggest to put the membrane on the retaining side of the walls. You may want to contact Empire Waterproofing Inc. (909.829.9251) or BRS Construction (Mark Lansford, 800.292.2344).  They claim this to be a well-tested and quite effective method.
I have not used their services on my projects, but they come highly recommended by others.    
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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