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RE: Concrete or Masonry Infill

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Those couplers are very large in diameter. You may not be able to get the cover.

We block up a lot of openings when we do blast mitigation for military structures. We just go with simple connections (dowl for the shear). The wall panels were originally designed for punched openings (windows) There was no continuity when they were constructed. I don't see the need for continuity with the infill. If the window punched opening (generally inadequate jamb) is not adequate for the applied load, we reinforce the frame with structural steel framing.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: RE: Concrete or Masonry Infill
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 08:08:54 -0900

They have mechanical couplers capable of developing the 125% strength of the bars. Have them chip out the block and splice to the existing with couplers.


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Subject: Concrete or Masonry Infill

I'd like to solicit opinions on approaches for infilling openings in
reinforced concrete or masonry shear walls such that the existing wall and
infill will act as one unit. To develop the capacities of the reinforcement
with epoxy seems to be a commonly used method but how does this develop the
load into the existing reinforcement? If the new rebar is not fully lap
spliced with the existing rebar can the new section of wall be considered as
being effective?

The only way I've been able to think of doing it is to dowel the new bars
into the existing wall far enough to develop a lap splice with the existing
bars. That requires an awfully deep hole, however, and seems prohibitively
difficult to construct. Any suggestions are appreciated.


-Matt Hood

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