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Re: half height steel nuts

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Thanks, Harold.
The manual is available online at $42+S&H (new, 2005), at eBay at $27+$13S&H, or as free PDF (1990) download at
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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Subject: RE: half height steel nuts

NASA Publication 1228, Fastener Design Manual by Barrett is the best thing I
have ever seen for fastener design.   ANSI will only tell you dimensions.

Harold Sprague

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>Subject: half height steel nuts
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>Listers -
>I am trying to research design capacities for some half-height "jamb
>nuts" for use with connecting some A36 threaded rods in tension.  I
>would assume that you could conservatively take 1/2 the allowable
>tensile strength in the threaded rod as the half-height nut capacity
>(because obviously a standard height nut can develop the full rod
>Can anyone point to a text resource that might give me some nut capacity
>formulas or, really just something to back up my simple argument.
>thank you
>Eli S. Grassley, PE
>PSM Engineers

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