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Re: At-a-Distance task monitoring

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Hi Scott.
I am looking at netopia and webex.  Webex looks like a service we have locally called webtrain.  Do you know if it (webex) allows me to "act out" on the remote computer?  I haven't found that yet in any software I've looked, except for timbuktu, that has the feature.
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Subject: Re: Tilt-up & At-a-Distance task monitoring


Others have pointed to some options.

Another one is to use something like WebEx (  Our company
has used it in the past.  Someone said that it was on the expensive side,
but it worked really well.  I am sure that there are other services out
there like it.

In addition, there are programs that you can buy to do it.  One that has
been around for quite a while (originated on the Mac, I believe, but is
now cross-platform) is Timbiktu Pro by netopia

The advantage of a service like WebEx is that you can get it when you need
it and you can use it easily with ANYONE.  So, if you work with a large
variety of people, it potentially would work better.  The advantage of
something like Timbuktu Pro is that it is largely a onetime cost.  So, if
you need to set it up with just one or two people that would will want to
"view" on a regular basis, it might be better.

And as others have said, Micro$oft has some built-in function in some of
their OS/programs.  WinXP does have remote desktop.  Prior to that, there
was some remote desktop features in MS Messanger/NetMeeting, I believe.


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Avicpeng wrote:

> Thanks for the replies on the tilt-up panel connections.  It looks like we'll have to dream up our own flexible connection ...
> On another topic.  Monitoring drafting/other tasks.  Does anyone know of any software that I can use (through a dedicated server) that allows for real-time monitoring of drafting (where I can actually see the drawing happening), and possibly other tasks that I may assign to distance contractors?  I have an idea to be able to be interactive with my at-a-distance draftspersons and subcontractors on a real-time basis.
> Thor Tandy P.Eng MIStructE
> Victoria, BC
> Canada
> vicpeng(--nospam--at)

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