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Re: Demo Gehry buildings

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Not to get into a never-ending discussion of architects v. engineers v. owners, but the "designer's ego" comment always makes me wonder where the owner and his staff were during the design and detailing process.  Presumably they had expertise and standards--being an institution that builds more than once--and signed off on the design before it was built.  Presumably they also wanted what they got--I never heard of a client asking for a colonial design and getting a Gehry, so to speak, or vice versa.  I think it's been a long time since anyone got a design shoved down his throat in the way Wright supposedly sometimes imposed his designs on his clients.

I don't know if the Guggenheim Balbao leaks, but Gehry's design for it has apparently saved an entire city from the economic doldrums.  (He probably didn't detail the flashing.) 

Just my two cents. 


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A misuse of material & a design to satisfy the designer's ego ahead of the owner's and occupants'  needs.