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Re: ASCE Table 1-1 Classification of Buidlings

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Are you trying to tell us that there is actually something relating to DoD that was drawn up by an intelligent, rational person with real experience? That has to be a first!
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Subject: RE: ASCE Table 1-1 Classification of Buidlings

Almost all of my work is for DoD entities. This particular provision was authored by an incredibly insightful, brilliant engineer. I see him every morning in the mirror. (Humor to the point of knee slapping is intended;>) 
This provision evolved from the work in which we had a performance requirement that we had to be operational immediately after a 2,500 year seismic event. There is more DoD seismic guidance in the offing coming in the form of the UFC 3-310-04. There is a lot more of what is involved for criticality for national defense facilities. 
Harold Sprague 
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>Subject: ASCE Table 1-1 Classification of Buidlings 
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>Does anyone have experience with determining the Category factors in Table 
>1-1 of ASCE 7-02? I am trying to determine if a structure that serves an 
>industrial area qualifies as a Category IV type: "buildings and other 
>structures having critical national defense functions." The functions at >an 
>AF Base may be considered critical, but who determines that? It looks to 
>me like the nature of occupancy is what needs to be considered. If the 
>structure is independent of a building and will not cause human injury/loss 
>of life, does it need to be designed in accordance with the categories in 
>this table? 

>Thanks in advance, 

>Maureen Burke, PE 

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