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Foundation Soil Characteristics by Surface Wave Sounding

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Can you recommend references to the use of a surface wave sounding to provide a shear wave velocity model of the upper 100 feet of a site?  The soil parameters to be evaluated in this way are ultimate and allowable bearing pressures; elasto-plastic spring constants for shallow spread footings; and elastic and shear moduli.


Are the results of this kind of evaluation likely to be about the same as the results of a more conventional soils investigation?


Nels Roselund, SE

South San Gabriel, CA


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    Do you monitor all lists or are we the only ones you bless with your years of experience.  This thread is about Structural Engineers monitoring cracks over time (read weeks to years).  I would not count on wet paper to stay in position for more then a few hours. 


Acie Chance

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Wet paper stretches. It also does not tear suddenly. Glass microscope slides makes a better telltale as it is brittle and has little elongation, however, uneven surfaces make adhesion difficult. Both will only show enlarging of a crack, not closure, and the paper will be restricted to planar movement. Across uneven surfaces it will be wavy/creased which will allow additional movement before tearing. Additionally, it will not stick effectively unless the surfaces are very clean. The same problem (regarding surface cleanliness) occurs with epoxy. At a collapse site theodolites are preferred as they also allow remote monitoring. While in the collapsed building falling dust and noise make an excellent telltale.


You are wrong. That is the way rescuers whose lives are at stake, have ACTUALLY been doing it , from many countries, for many years. It sticks easy and wet paper tears at the slightest movement of any kind.


doug copp