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RE: crack monitor

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Call CTL in Chicago. Get their "Crack Comparator". Get a few to carry around. Measure the crack, draw a line across the crack, and write down the measurment at the crack with the date and time. Write it on the building where the crack is located.

Large cracks can be measured using an odometer;>)

Harold Sprague

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I have at times simply drawn a line on the wall across the crack and
basically perpendicular to the crack.  Periodically check to if the
lines on each side of the crack have moved relate to each other.


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I remember seeing an article in one of the trade mags about crack
monitoring.  In the article the author used 2 buisness cards fixed to
side of a crack in a concrete wall.  I don't remember how he attached

Has anyone ever used a home made crack monitor using 2 buisness cards?
did you affix the cards to the wall?
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