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Re: Doug Copp

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Dear Mr. Sheldon Karasik, Esq.
Thank you very much for your e-mail.  Was this the response Mr. Copp said was coming or can we look forward to something else?
And I'm confused.  All I did was ask questions to which we have not yet gotten answers.  I thought you were going to give us those answers.  Mr. Copp directed you to give us those answers.
Specifically,  can you update us on the Department of Justice investigation into Mr. Copp's alleged fraud of the 9/11 fund?  I believe the amount of money in question is something like $675,000.  Or maybe $654,000.  I'm bad with numbers.
And the issue of professional incompetence is an interesting one, now that you have brought it up.  Does Mr. Copp consider himself a professional?  A professional what?  Measured by what standard?
Finally, please put your mind at rest.  Mr. Copp seems to think I have attacked and defamed you.  I haven't attacked and defamed you.  As you can see from my signature, I have the highest and kindest regards for you.  
According to Mr. Copp, you are a defamation lawyer.  Is that true?  Is there a lot of defamation going on in Zurich these days?  Mr. Copp says you have offices in New York and Zurich.  Everytime I have been to Zurich, it has been raining, so really all I saw was the rain.  No defamation.
Very truly yours,  and kindest regards,
Gail Kelley
In a message dated 12/2/2005 12:15:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, sklawfirm(--nospam--at) writes:
Dear Ms  Kelley:
As I understand your message, you are acknowledging making publicized statements accusing my client Doug Copp of professional incompetence and criminality.  That being the case, do you also want to be added as a defendant to his defamation suit?
Very truly yours,
Sheldon Karasik, Esq.