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Re: crack monitor entertainment

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Mr. Long,
I am sorry for your loss, for America's loss, and the world's loss as a result of 9/11.
However, what is being discussed here, as insensitive as it may seem,  is the ability of people on this list to make comments, offer opinions, ask questions, and criticize other people's opinions without being threatened with baseless lawsuits.  Although this does not bother me, others may feel threatened.
Further, what is being discussed here is something structural engineers are looked to as experts.  And there are people on this list who in fact are called on to act as experts in matters of life safety.  Why?  I don't know, maybe something to do with things like having studied structures and materials.  Do we not have an obligation to discuss very questionable recommendations from someone who appears to have no qualifications for offering such recommendations?
The silliness of the comments derives mostly from the silliness of the comments we are responding to, as well as the wording of the threats.  For example, "watch your mouth.  my lawyer has no sympathy".
If my comments (about anything) bother you,  please route all my e-mails to your trash box.  I wouldn't be offended.  I do this with some e-mails. 
Gail Kelley

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I am from NYC, and I lost friends and a family member in the towers.
Does anyone know how it feels? 
To be talking like this is as insensitive as you can get.
Please put it to rest.

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What is your point, Doug? Do you have photographs, with you around the debris, to prove that you were there? Can you post it for our benefit?


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Just a brief reminisce of which I am now reminded.

When I was at the site with NJ TF1 there was some guy with no protective
gear or identifying uniform crawling around the debris at the lower levels
of WTC7 who claimed to be a rescuer with another team. NJ TF1 has a large
contingent of state police as members and we escorted him off the site.
Turned out he had made a similar claim with that team (I think PA but could
be wrong), carried a NYFD sack and seemed to have picked up a couple of
"keepsakes" from the collapse. I do not remember his face nor did we get a
name. He was not the only one. Towards the end of our time, 10 days, I (and
I would guess many other responders on this list) came across many others
who joined the scene in attempts to get paying work. They tended to walk
around in suits, also with no protective gear, despite the constant dust.
However, in the 10 days I was there, in the hole and at the Structures
meetings, I did not see Doug Copp.

James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC

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I was right when I guessed that you worked with FEMA. That explains it all.
doug copp

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