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RE: Corrosion in reinforcing steel in slabs

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Hiring an experienced consultant is an option that you should consider. The best single reference book is the one by one of the best firms in parking garages, Walker Parking Consultants, "PARKING STRUCTURES: Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Repair".

Concrete structural assessment, evaluation, and repair need to be performed with life cycle costs in mind. This book does it all.

One of the authors is Anthony Chrest. Mr. Chrest died in 2002, but his knowledge lives on in this book. Tony was a prominent leader in the concrete industry for many years.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Corrosion in reinforcing steel in slabs
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 16:56:06 -0400

Does anybody have a good reference (books, articles, catalogs, web sites, etc.) regarding some methods to repair elevated slabs whose rebars are severely corroded? Is there any commercial product or technique to restore the structural capacity of the slab, other than demolishing and re-building? Thanks in advance.

Javier Encinas, MSCE, PE
SPECTRA Engineering, PSC

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