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RE: Corrosion in reinforcing steel in slabs

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It is my understanding that carbon fiber reinforcement is not recommended to be counted on as the sole tension reinforcement without steel reinforcement to back it up. So if the existing rebar is corroded to the point of having no residual strength, carbon fibers should not be used.  It can be used to supplement the steel and improve the design safety factor, i.e., design the steel reinforcement with lower load factors and use the carbon fiber reinforcement to meet primary building code load factors. (See ACI 440.2R.)
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Subject: RE: Corrosion in reinforcing steel in slabs

From, The Graduate:  "In a word, plastics".  Seriously, there are a lot of plastic composite companies that do just this.  VSL should be contacted.  Here in San Diego we have Fife plastics.  They laminate carbon (or kevlar or ?) fibers to the underside of the deck to add tensile strength.  I think you will have trouble with your existing corroded rebar, however.  It will continue to rust and pop off concrete giving you nothing to attached the composite to.




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Subject: Corrosion in reinforcing steel in slabs


Does anybody have a good reference (books, articles, catalogs, web sites, etc.) regarding some methods to repair elevated slabs whose rebars are severely corroded? Is there any commercial product or technique to restore the structural capacity of the slab, other than demolishing and re-building? Thanks in advance.


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