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Re: interesting article in today's LA Times

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On Dec 6, 2005, at 7:11 AM, Stuart, Matthew wrote:

Belgium - A nonprofit group organized like a consulting engineering firm
which represents and is supported by insurance companies' reviews
designs which are submitted to an insurance company. The review must be
completed before the building is underwritten. Differences of opinions
between the reviewers and the designers are arbitrated by a technical
board of university professors.
This sounds remarkably like the way pressure vessel and boiler design works in the US. (Anyone interested in my multi-part lecture series on why building QA should be done like shop inspection of autoclaves, please e-mail me ;->) The one thing I'm always nagging about is the huge stake, proven over and over, that insurors have in proper engineering design, from professional liability to damage claims. Yet no one in building design seems to be interested in working with people who have real money to support the effort.

That said, I'm not too wild about the notion of university types monitoring engineering design--i'd sure hope that Belgium has more practical people teaching college than we do.

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