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Re: Architect cheating on structural calculations - where's the......

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After reading so many responses and points of view on this specific topic, I am starting to come at the conclusion that this list is acting much like the Holy Inquisition of the middle ages, searching, prosecuting and "hangingand burning" the not so "innocent" Architects and building officials.

But the problem is not the architects or building officials. The real essence of "the cheating on structural calculations" goes beyond and above up to the "Almighty Lawmakers", yes... our senators, representatives and our trade representatives... yes the SEAINT, ASCE and other trade organizations who should speak loud to our state and federal lawmakers to change rules and regulations.

Our professional boards (Florida)... instead of concentrating on meaningless rules and regulations, ie... changing the seals because of the word certificate compromises less than the word license, they shall become our true leaders and fight to clear these many "gray zones" like defining which profession is responsible for structural calculations, and many other important issues for our beloved profession.

In the meantime, may God keep the souls of the already executed engineers, architects and building officials who were scapegoats and victims of our not so perfect system.

Mauricio Salazar, P.E.

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