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Re: Architect cheating on structural calculations - where's the building depa...

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So let me see if I understand this, you are upset because you submitted incomplete drawings and they were approved?
Why not simply submit 100% "For Construction" drawings to the owner and contractor?  They can go back through the building department as a revision record, big deal.  This was my point, it is the EOR who is responsible for the project, not the reviewer.
As too submitting 90%, yes it is done all the time.  Most of the time it is impossible to get proper coordination drawings from all the other consultants without the deadline.  The difference is whether you use the time during plan check to actually coordinate everything or do you leave it at 90% and expect that answering plan check will get you the other 10%?.
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Subject: Re: Architect cheating on structural calculations - where's the building depa...

Hey, you bastards don't call names.  That's my opinion and I didn't call you names.  Actually I'm just talking about plan checkers that does not even know how to plan check or does not even do the plan checking.  You only spend a couple of hours to plan check a medium size residence by comparing the results on the calculations with that of the framing plans. Most of the plan checkers are doing their job very well but what piss me off  are those that will not spend time to review the drawings and the calcs and then approved the drawings like there are no errors at all.  I know that I should get most of the responsibility plan but checkers should also their part as well.  If, as I said before, the plan checkers don't have a degree of responsibility then they will just approve the drawings without plan checking it. Checking the most critical portion of the project or just minor things so that there is a chance for the drawings to comeback is good enough for me   There are times that you need to submit about 90% of = the drawings done because of time constraint and almost everybody is doing that.  There are engineers that are worse by submitting half done. So what I need is just a some plan checking on the part of plan checker. Is that asking too much?
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“Normally mistakes are done in the drafting side”


And you think someone else should be responsible for this?! Shame on you!



Very well said, Dave!