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Re: And you think you have plan check problems...

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Also Mr. Tom is both a registered CE and SE so it's not like he's never done any design work.  Maybe not on the same scale as these but I don't think someone competent enough to pass the California SE exam would be out of his depth in reviewing it.

Gary Grinstead
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I am not sure, Paul. 
May be, Mr. Tom is just a responsible guy who wants to be sure that those high-rise structures that will hold and overshadow hundreds - or even thousands - of people are acceptably safe.  This is his job.  The fact that he does that across the mayor's endorsement is, IMO, commendable and noteworthy.
The site is very close to, and between, three A-faults.
Just my two cents.
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA

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  Great article.

  I wouldn't say someone "got called" on anything.  I would say that the building official is out of his depth, does not understand the structure, and is trying to place restrictions on a building by imposing un-quantified standards that are in excess of what the law requires.

  Both the design firm and the review firm are qualified individuals.  It sounds like another case of making innovation like swimming upstream.

  Paul Feather PE, SE 
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    Sounds like someone got called on a "performance based design" to me. Pretty interesting article.



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