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RE: AISI Cold Formed Steel Design

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If you double nut and stagger the rods slightly where they terminate, they would go into tension. The key is the double nut.


That’s my understanding, I think their might be something in the AISC manual or maybe it’s in one of the design guides… ah yess


From AISC Design Guide #7 “Industrial Buildings”, page 18 “The design of hot-rolled channels, the beneficial lateral support provided by cladding attached to the tension flange has generally been ignored. The use of sag rods is generally required to maintain horizontal alignment of hot-rolled sections. The sag rods are often assumed to provide lateral restraint against buckling for suction loads. Lateral stability based on this assumption is checked using Chap. F of the AISC Sepcification.”





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I was under the impressing that the purpose for sag rods was to help with weak axis bending.  I wasn’t aware of any help through lateral or torsional restraint.  Am I wrong on this???