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RE: And you think you have plan check problems...

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That amount is not for plan check, but a condition to get approval. Affordable housing fund and all the hassle the construction will place in the neighborhood…. There have been similar things in california for a long time although it is generally a much smaller amount per square foot and the money is supposed to go to the local school district where the project takes place.


Since they are selling these things at $900 - $1000 bucks a square foot, I’m sure the developer will still have a huge profit J

With a high powered telescope, those on the upper floors can also get free season tickets to Giants games, maybe set up two rows of bleachers at the window and sell beer & dogs like they do across the street from the roof tops @ Wrigley Field. J


But yes, if we want to make money, we’re all in the wrong business….




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Wow. $25/sf for permit fees?  I'm in the wrong business.


Gerard Madden, SE wrote:


Sounds like someone got called on a “performance based design” to me. Pretty interesting article.



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