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RE: Architect cheating on structural calculations - where's the building depa...

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I believe I do understand your point of view. You put out work that is not correct and you want someone else to catch your errors, for free.


You sir, whatever your name is, fail to understand that on a daily basis, I, as a structural detailer, have to deal with your incorrect drawings, and find your errors, for free.


In addition to that, the civil guys, the masons, the joist and deck suppliers also have to find your errors, for free.


I repeat………SHAME ON YOU!


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The reason that I say this is because I tried to do my calculations almost 100%. So almost all the mistakes done are in the drafting side of it. But don't say shame on me! That's not very nice!  Shame on you too for not understanding my point of view. I know I am responsible for all structural items but the plan checker should also be responsible by doing his work and not rubber stamping the drawings. An almost perfect calculations shall not stop the plan checker to check the drawings.



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“Normally mistakes are done in the drafting side”


And you think someone else should be responsible for this?! Shame on you!