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Re: Column design

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>>> ashraf.manjappara(--nospam--at) 12/15/2005 1:53 PM >>>
I have to design a RCC framed structure to support a LL of 22kN/m2 with a
span of 6m,bay length of 4.2m. Architect is insisting on 20cm X 40cm wide
column, 20cm is the width parallel to span.
I am not able to design that column for moment since width is just
20cm.Could you suggest a way to reduce the column moment or else an
alternate solution.
As far as I know most of the designers in Kuwait does not  design end or
corner columns of RCC frames for moment. They simply assume that it's simply
supported and design column for axial load only and they design the beam for
simply supported  moment. For eg. for udl they design the beams of frames
for wl2/8 in one span frames.
Its really shocking for me. I started working in Kuwait last month only. So
many designers here are saying that no need to design column for moment if
building is  below 6 stories. I am not able to understand their logic and
they are not accepting my view that every column should be designed for the
moment it attracts. They are forcing me to design columns only for axial
load please make your comments.

They are correct if you have shear walls as a lateral force resisting system. But you still need to pay attention to detailing to provide ductility.

Suresh Acharya, S.E.

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