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RE: fema 350

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You're correct on all. Except that if you are using ASD load combination
for frame element design you can design the beam for the same

Ben Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

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I am going to be using an omf with a WUF-B moment connection in a two
wood framed residential project designed per FEMA 350. 97 UBC is in
here. Please correct the following if wrong:


Member design will be per load combinations of section 1612.3.1 of 97
no 1/3 incr. 

Columns checked per 2213.5.1 of 97 UBC.

Joint designed per of FEMA 350 for Plastic Moment + contribution
from shear of beam gravity loads considering location of plastic hinge.

Beam gravity loads should be strength level, ie.1.2D+.5L.


When designing the joint per FEMA 350, UBC section 2213.6 item 2 (design
strength of connection capable of resisting combination of gravity loads
omega times seismic) is not applicable..correct?


Thanks in advance.





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