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RE: how thick steel angle ok for self tapping screws?

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According to this guy the total thickness of all the layers of steel should not be thicker than the flute [drill point] otherwise the screw tip won’t work.  For a 3/16” angle with a 14g clip you are talking a total thickness of .1875+.0713=.26” and this is thicker than all the drill points I have been looking at.


Has anyone specified No. 12-14x1” into 5/16” angle and had problems with installation?





From: Polhemus, Bill [mailto:BPolhemus(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 8:17 AM
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Subject: RE: how thick steel angle ok for self tapping screws?


“How thick?” refer to the appropriate design reference (e.g. NDS or AISI) for that calculation, which is based on penetration into the “part not in contact with the head.”


“Labor intensive?” I don’t really think so. It may represent just a little bit more time for each connection, but the SD-ST screws are pretty fast. PAFs aren’t always so “neat” depending on how careful the “operator” is. In fact, some prefer pneumatic fasteners for that reason.


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Subject: how thick steel angle ok for self tapping screws?


How thick of a steel angle can #10 or #12 self-tapping screws be connected to?  I have normally seen people use powder driven fasteners for connecting stud clips to steel angles but have recently seen a detail using self-tapping screws.  It seems like it would be pretty labor intensive screwing deflection clips to a ¼” steel angle.