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Costly seminars and Code corrections

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Web Seminars $225, $2 for each additional person. This is cheap for a minority of larger companies.
How about the Slab Seminars for over $1000?

I recall that seminars did cost as much as it took to rent the hall. The benefits for the lecturer were to fulfill the need to give back to the engineering community, to have the honor to list such on a resume and to be recognized to hire the best engineers. This still is the case but now what is that extra money being used for? To insure a standard of care, lectures should be given in a free format that all receive with feedback possible from all engineers.

The seminars that I have recently participated in came with a bag of secrete interpretations for code flaws. This is a motive to pay the big bucks, see all seminars, or to be left out. Or, is it that the interpretations are being left out of a standard of care by being restricted to a minority of engineers?

Such corrections or interpretations should not be considered a standard of care when only a minority population has the privilege of hearing about them and responding to them. Many interpretations may be reducing quality, and not be needed other than for a false competative edge.

The seemingly highest participation is on this list-service. This list-service may be the true source for a standard of care to interpret short comings of the code. I notice that many code writing participants and lecturers are not participating on this list service. If they hold special ideas for their lectures that are limited to a minority of engineers then those ideas, are probably not of a general standard of care.

This new system of high seminar costs and specialized lecturers is fresh and works. The monetary return for poorly written codes is a system easily corruptible. I suggest that Seminars should be on-line and free, supported by membership dues, open to all including non-members, lecturers donating time.

David Merrick, Structural Engineer

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